Our partners and staff provide all of the elements essential to successful project management. We are a multidisciplinary team of developers, attorneys, accountants, architects, construction specialists, and support staff who share a deep commitment to serve our clients with a passion and integrity.


University Housing Solutions is the single source for all your campus housing needs. As a decision-maker, you are faced with the challenge of selecting a reliable and experienced construction partner, while also being concerned with the cost, schedule, integrity, and quality of your project. University Housing Solutions answers your concerns with a single-source solution. We have extensive experience in new construction, renovation, remodeling, and maintenance.



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Frank Murphy



Mr. Murphy founded UHS in 2007. He brings over 40 years’ experience in the design, and construction of healthcare, and higher educational facilities. As chairman of the board and CEO, Mr. Murphy will be responsible for the coordination of the team’s efforts.

Franks main responsibility is to ensure that all the client’s needs are met, and to provide leadership to the overall team. Mr. Murphy holds multiple honorary degrees from universities he’s partnered with due to his drive for client satisfaction and also the philanthropic duties of the F.E.M. Trust.

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Jim Schmidt



Jim has been the president of UHS since 2010. Jim graduated with a BS of Architecture from Ohio State University in 1986. He’s been a project architect with 30 years experience specializing in designing and constructing over 5,000 beds of student housing.

Jim oversees all financial aspects of the development process to ensure partner institutions receive the best possible package to meet their every need. His creative approach to development has created a network of clients, and friends who repeatedly use the services of UHS.

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Mike Bruni



Mike has been with UHS from its inception and is one of the principal owners. As CFO, Mike handles financing, construction draws and accounting cost reports. He also will create detailed analysis to show the institutions we partner with benefits they receive from projects we complete.

Mike graduated with a BS of Accounting from The Ohio State University in 1990. Prior to founding UHS, Mike served as a regional controller of a management group that led the day-to-day operations of 25 various corporations that serve hundreds of facilities.

 Associates & Staff

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Alan Price
Project Manager


Alan has been employed with the company since 2012. Alan graduated from Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration in Real Estate. During his tenure at UHS, Alan has been involved in the development of over $200Million in housing projects. Alan has been involved with every aspect of UHS projects ranging from zoning, design documents, permits, financing, construction, and turnover.



From single-phase implementation to complete project services, UHS is your one stop shop to student housing.

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Each campus has a unique architectural character and University Housing Solutions is committed to building facilities that complement and enhance these campus lifestyles. With skills in master planning, design, cost estimating, and value engineering, the capabilities of our staff are unparalleled. Our planning group also specializes in community forums, easing and explaining the process for everyone involved. You can rest assured that our staff will cover every aspect of planning to avoid logistic and legal hurdles further down the process.

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Feasibility studies helps answer the question ‘should we proceed with the proposed project idea.’ While the importance of utility design and permitting issues may not be evident, they are all essential parts of the assessment equation to ensure the long-term viability of your project. That is where we can help. We show you how properly evaluating a site can save time and money as well as preserve the natural environment.

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market research

UHS understands that every project is unique to the needs of our partners. Today’s students have more choice when it comes to housing which is creating a more competitive environment to retain students on campus. To ensure these projects are a success UHS can help prepare a wide range of various market research to ensure that the development falls in line with the demand of the student population. Project amenities, rental rates, unit mix, and occupancy are a few of the factors that need to be considered before any project is constructed.



Every university and college has unique financial requirements when determining the feasibility of a new student housing project. University Housing Solutions recognizes the need for flexibility and has the experienced financial partners to structure a custom package to meet your specific needs. To facilitate the process for our partner universities and colleges, University Housing Solutions offers its clients strong financial capabilities. Part of our team consists of in-house legal counsel and accountants, helping to bring clarity to all financial decisions.

Our financing sets us apart from competitors because our university and campus partners pay no out of pocket expense until students move in. Contact University Housing Solutions to develop a financing program the meets your needs.


P3 Development

(Public Private Partnership) P3 is quickly becoming one of the more popular delivery methods for a housing project. UHS realizes the steps that need to be taken when dealing with a public institution. Our team, along with UHS attorneys have worked hundreds of hours directly with state agencies through the various approval processes, funding hurdles, and bidding regulations.  The experience UHS has gained from previous transactions will ensure that your project is structured to ensure success. Each project is unique to the needs of that institution and UHS will develop a package with that in mind every step of the way.



We know your campus has unique architectural character that speaks to the mission and vision of your institution. University Housing Solutions keeps this in mind when judiciously choosing a site that fits into every aspect of campus life. Our team is skilled at crafting unique solutions for minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment. This ensures that what is outside your building works as well as what is inside your building.


Interior Design

At University Housing Solutions, we truly believe that a successful student housing facility should be completely functional as well as environmentally pleasing. Therefore, every design element proposed is preceded by close scrutiny of its function.  Each of our designers is LEED certified and has a committed passion for design. We strive to achieve that delicate balance of creativity, efficiency, and affordability.

 Our integrated design process ensures that we share a common understanding of your vision and mission to push beyond the obvious solution in order to arrive at the best solution. We strive to incorporate specific products and specifications that are consistent with the preferences of the university’s maintenance staff. Our in-house graphics team will build a computer model of you project, allowing you to experience the environment before we break ground.



Institutions of higher education often come with a long history of campus presence.  Old buildings are an issue that almost every college campus has to deal with. UHS realizes that renovations and updating are desired to keep tradition alive on campus.  We will prepare multiple scenarios to help illustrate the comparisons with renovations vs. new construction.  A campus space assessment is a good tool to see how different areas of campus are being utilized and where more efficiency might be achieved.


Dr. Lillian Schumacher

“UHS is a strategic partner, not a vendor or contractor and this is really important to us at Tiffin University. They work very closely with their clients to ensure satisfaction and cost effectiveness. We have partnered with them several times and will continue to do so. I highly recommend UHS!”


President | Tiffin university

Richard H. Raymond

“We SO appreciate all you are doing to make the new Residence Life Learning Hall and University Commons the wonderful facility that we all envisioned a few months ago. You are an amazing group to work with, and we are thrilled about the facility and the incredible impact it will have on both our students, and on the future of the university. We are excited, and grateful."


VP for Administration & Business Affairs | Heidelberg University